Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find a listing of the most frequently and most important questions. If you have additional questions do not hesitate to send us a message via E-Mail or in Facebook.

All about ordering

Our Online-Shop offers three different payment methods; either a credit card, advance payment or PayPal.
Shipping is free worldwide.
Within 24 hours of receiving the intial order and payment we will ship the Space Wallet. Germany: 1-2 Days, International: up to 1 week.
Space Wallet sends them via Deutsche Post.
Yes, you have 14 days to return your wallet if you are unsatsified with your purchase. You can find more information about returns in the cancellation policy.

All about the Space Wallet

The Space Wallet is completely manufactured in Germany.
There is a leather pocket sewn on the inside of the wallet and has space for a limited amount of coins. It is sewn closed on one end and open on the other for easy access.
No. The Space Wallet is made out of a high quality elastic band, which keeps one card as well as up to 15 cards secure. Bills can be placed between the elastic band and cards or inside of the leather pocket.
The elastic band is made to hold up through constant use and will not wear out by normal, daily use.
After selling thousands of wallets, we have no reported cases of someone having to replace their cards due to Space Wallet.
The leather used to make the Space Wallet is real lamb napa leather, with the exception of the vegan versions.
We recommend cleaning the white leather with a wet cloth, from time to time, to insure the leather stays white as snow. Of course, you can also use common impregnation.

Everything else

Yes, for specifics please send us a message so we can determine what is best for you.
Absolutely. You may completely customize your bulk order of space wallet to represent your corporate identity. Just ask.
To stay in contact with us and to get the latest news about new products, events and discounts you should add us on Facebook. You can also find us on Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.
free world wide shipping
60 days money back guarantee
manufactured by european craftsmen
variety of colors and designs
smaller than every other wallet
customization possible


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