The Story of Space Wallet

Matthias and I studied together in Bayreuth and during the first semester we became best friends. Sometime in the first or second semester, I noticed something weird in the largest lecture hall on campus, the auditorium: Approximately every fourth student had his wallet put on the table. And then we looked in front of us … we also took our relative thick wallets out of our pockets before we sat down on the chair. “Why is that?”, I asked Matthias. Tip for the prof was definitely not the reason. I grabbed my wallet back in my pocket and realized why I had already obviously got used instinctively to place my wallet on the table when I sat down: A thick wallet in your back pocket is fucking incredibly uncomfortable!

In the winter semester 2012/2013, both we went to study abroad for a semester. While I was traveling in Barcelona, Matthias lived for a few months in Fresno / California. There he came in touch with different thin wallets. The Americans have not so much the coin problem and they carry around significantly less unnecessary stuff such as receipts and old movie tickets. Then we both went to Berlin for two months for a joint internship, where we found enough time to do a lot of brainstorming. What we had in mind, is a kind of elastic band that can carry everything in credit card form and makes it possible also to clamp other things like bills, iPods and USB sticks in between. Furthermore we needed a leather pocket that makes the use even more flexible and has place for a few coins.

Voilá – there was the idea of the perfect wallet in our minds. What followed was a long search for suitable producers. And we found them: the special band is woven exclusively for us, everything is sewn together in a Franconian needlecraft. After a few prototypes we had the final Space Wallet in our hands – an incredible feeling!

Together with our buddy Tim, we designed a lot of designs, we started surveys on the campus, we filmed an image video with the aid of rented equipment and friendly models, we launched in December 2013. What followed is absolutely crazy. The small space wallet come in better than we could have ever imagined. We were on a big entrepreneur Congress and met, inter alia, personalities such as Sir Richard Branson, Jürgen Höller, Bodo Schäfer and Elmar Rassi. The first stationary stores have our Space Wallets available in the store, the first major orders came in and simply every day we get some experience richer.

I think this little purse has the potential to revolutionize the German old-fashioned and backward wallet landscape. I love our Space Wallets and am firmly convinced that everyone can use it. Either for the entire day or as a second wallet for office, sports or going out. I would be happy if you order one and just test it.

Best regards, your René

free world-wide shipping
60 days money-back guarantee
manufactured in europe
variety of colors and designs
smaller than every other wallet
personalization possible


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